It’s Time to Trade in your Web Host for a Web Team

By Blogging

It’s Monday 3:00PM, the day of your big product launch. You’ve been sending emails to your email list for over 2 weeks, teasing your 5:00PM product launch time. You’ve finally finished the landing page you’ve been working on the past 2 days. You do a quick once-over just to make sure everything’s in tip top shape. Just before you hit the publish button, you decide to update your WordPress core and plugins to ensure your site is running optimally. You click the update button, step away to grab a cup of water and it happens! You come back and can’t seem to access your site! Your home page display’s the dreaded “white screen of death”. Your heart’s pounding, but you know that if you can find a way to get to the WordPress Admin Dashboard, you may be able to salvage your site. You type in the admin url and you see it… “500 Internal Service Error”. “What does that even mean?”, you scream, as you scramble to find your most recent back up; then it dawns on you, you stopped automated backups over 4 weeks ago because it slowed down the site. Now, your palms start sweating and you’ve got that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You stare helplessly at your computer screen, as if you can some how will your site back in to service. You decide you have no other choice but to call your hosting company.

After an hour of listening to the worse hold you’ve ever heard, you finally hear a click, and a very faint voice that says, “Thank you for calling support, how may I help you?” You turn up the volume on your phone, but you soon realize that with the poor sound quality and language barrier, you’re barely making out what the agent is saying. After 10 minutes of explaining the problem, and phonetically spelling your website’s URL (7 times), the agent finally gets the web address correct and confirms the “Internal Server Error”. Grasping on to every word, “the agent tells you follow a series of steps and restart your web service”. “No Problem” you say relieved, that this may be a simple fix. The agent asks you to log into CPanel…, “CPanel!?” you repeat. “Doesn’t that come on C-Span? Yeah, I’m sure that’s a great show, but not sure how is that going to help my website?” you say. “No CPanel” says the agent. After 20 minutes of determining how to log into CPanel, you patiently walk through the steps, restart the service, wait a few minutes and realize your site is still out of commission. The agent, promptly replies, “it looks as if the problem may be with your WordPress theme or one of the WordPress Plugins. You may want to talk to them, there’s nothing more we can do! Good luck!”.

Maybe this scenario seems eerily familiar or maybe its your worst nightmare, sadly, while the story above is purely fictitious, it has a very somber basis in reality. We heard dozens of web horror stories over the past few years. From dealing with poor website performance because of bad server hardware, poorly designed themes, and/or faulty plugins, to stories of site spam and losing over 4 years of blog posts because a hacker maliciously deleted all of their data and they weren’t backing up their website.

As your business growth becomes more and more reliant upon your website’s speed, reliability, and security, it is imperative to have a team working around the clock to ensure your site’s success. Not to mention, you should be focused on growing your revenue and not maintaining a website. So ask yourself this:

– How important is your website to your business?
– If your site goes down are you losing money?
– Can your hosting provider keep up with your growth?

In an ideal world you would have a team of WordPress experts invested in the success of your website. A team that’s proactively updating your WordPress Core and plugins, scanning your site for malware, preventing DDos attacks, and actively backing up your data. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could simply ask an expert, “ What’s the best plugin for making a landing page?” And, get a prompt reply with a few recommendations? Or maybe you need a few small WordPress fixes from time to time, so that you can really get the most out of your site. If so, chances are you may have outgrown your current web hosting company and need to consider a WordPress Team.

So, if you’re wondering whether you can afford to ditch your existing web hosting company because the cost of a WordPress Team seems prohibitive, consider the costs of your site going down or consider how much time you can spend working on your business instead of supporting WordPress, and then take a look at our pricing page, it may be more attractive than you realized.

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